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  • Do you ship from the US?
    Yes! No drop-shipping here. Your order will arrive from Washington State.
  • Are you really based in the US?
    Sure are! In fact, SQC is in Washington state.
  • How do the pre-release events work?
    A pre-release event is open for approx 2 weeks. Orders are expected to ship approx 90 days from the close of the event. Pre-release event orders cannot be cancelled.
  • Do you ship outside of the US?
    SQC is currently in a trial shipping period to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippians, Portugal, UK, USA. If your country is not on the list, please use the contact form to inquire on shipping for your country. SQC may still be able to get an order to you.
  • Shipping shows $10k, how do I fix that?"
    Never Fear! SQC has multiple options for shipping depending on weight and country. If shipping is populating at $10,000 then the shipping you have selected does not qualify for your order due to weight of your order. Click the shipping box drop down and select the next shipping option (or higher if you would like expedited shipping). Shipping costs are all calculated based on weight & size + insurance. Please reach out if you have any questions.
  • How does international shipping & pricing work?
    Currently SQC is in a trial period of shipping overseas. All international shipping is based on actual weight, size of the package* & an automated quote. Tracking number & insurance are included for each shipment. In the very rare case, the quote is not enough to cover shipping, SQC will reach out to you regarding the difference, otherwise the order can be canceled if need be. SQC reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. *Please note: The postal service in the US sets the costs. Any package over 14" is automatically a higher rate. SQC uses very good quality tubes to protect and ship the canvases that are 19.5". The shipping costs are automatically calculated from the shipping service prices and insurance and tracking are added to tha tcost. Any taxes, duties, custom fees, tariffs charged by your government or postal delivery company are not covered or refunded by SQC & is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • How long will it take to get my order?
    Orders ship within 5 business days not including holidays, with every effort to ship sooner. Most packages within the US are delivered within a week of arriving at the post office. International shipping time is based on the shipping time/service picked at check out. Right now, with the postal service being behind due to the pandemic, shipping is taking much longer than normal, in some cases over 2 weeks. All orders come with a tracking number & insurance. Please bear with the postal service as updates to the tracking numbers can also be delayed (or show nothing) & SQC has no control over these delays. Pre-orders take approxi 90 days from the close of the pre-release event.
  • What if my kit does not arrive?
    If your kit does not arrive & it is not returned to SQC, you will be protected by insurance covered through the mail service minus the shipping fees. Insurance unfortunatly does not cover these fees. If your kit does not arrive & is returned to SQC (at no fault to SQC): due to having moved, being undeliverable as addressed (with the address provided by the buyer) or has no forwarding address after moving, SQC will be happy to resend your order but shipping costs will have to be re-paid. If the buyer wishes to not have the order shipped again, the order cost will be refunded, minus the shipping charges.
  • Do you have both square and round drill kits?
    Yes. All kits will be available in both shapes. Stock is based on availability. If you don't see shape you want, keep checking back or watch for updates on SQC's Facebook or Instagram pages.
  • Will I have enough drills to finish the kit?
    Yes, each kit includes up to 20% extra drills of each color. If you do run out, we will be happy to mail you what you need. Please email us the drill number and approximately how many you need. Due to low stock there may be an unavoidable delay in shipping out extras. Thankfully this need is rare.
  • Do the kits come with everything needed?
    Yes! Each kit includes everything you need to complete your diamond painting. Including all diamonds (drills), a unique hand-filled pen, a white tray, white wax for placing the drills & a complimentary rainbow oil-slick style set of tweezers. SQC carries 2 types of tweezers & you will be send the rounded tip ones for round drill kit and sharp tip tweezers for square kits.
  • Can I add an item to my existing order?
    Maybe. This one can be hard if the order has already been processed & packed. Please send a message and if it is not packed up yet, I may be able to add to the order otherwise a new order will have to be placed.
  • What kind of adhesive do you use?
    The kits are made with a very high-quality double-sided adhesive. All testers have enjoyed them very much. Multiple influencers online have left feedback confirming the grand quality of this adhesive. As the owner, I shopped around and this is the very best double sided I've ever used.
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