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About Me


Hello all!


Thank you for stopping by! It has been a whirlwind adventure that's led to Sparkle Queen Creations (SQC). As a natural crafter from the very early age of 6, I've always been thrilled by hands-on intricate crafts & bright vibrant colors. I started learning endless options for working with color: ink painting, cross stitch, crochet, knitting and most recently diamond painting. Five years ago I found my first diamond painting kit in a catalog and ordered it by mail. The rest is history! As many diamond painters can relate: I was hooked! 


This journey of starting SQC began with learning the art of alcohol ink painting. My adoration of rainbows shines bright through almost every painting I create. I love designing and brainstorming new pieces. It has truly been amazing seeing my own paintings come to life in such vibrant colors, which I personally love working with. If you’re going to work on an intricate project, why not make it bright & exciting? Creating these pieces of art with alcohol ink has become such a passion of mine, it was only natural that eventually my two loves would come together. One day, I was showing my alcohol ink paintings to a friend & she asked “Why don’t you have your own diamond painting company using your art?” My response, “You know, I really should, I know how to run a business and have been in the art & crafting world my whole life!!”


That conversation played in my mind for several weeks after. I started by ordering a custom diamond painting made from one of my alcohol ink paintings. When it arrived, I was thrilled by how it looked and I kept pondering this diamond painting business possibility. Due to the pandemic, I was laid off with no return date in sight.  I had to fund my obsessions and feed my family somehow! I talked with my partner and a few friends about their thoughts; I decided to go for it. If I love my art so much, I know others will too! 


I have been running craft groups & teaching various styles of crafting for over twenty years. It is my primary passion. I am not here to just jump-start a business. I’m here to expand my love for art & crafting along with bringing that to the lives of others through my knowledge & experience. With twenty years of experience you tend to learn a thing or two along the way and I want to put that to good use helping others! 


Having five years of diamond painting experience under my belt, I have learned very well what makes the perfect diamond painting kit (and what definitely doesn’t)! One of a kind art, quality canvases, easy to read symbols, bright vibrant colors (super important of course!) and tools that are unique & useful. All of my kits are made using either my own paintings or legally obtained graphic art. We also ship from the US as we are based in Washington State. My partner Dave and my friends Serena, Sandra, Chantel & Mary have all been an incredible support as kit testers, advice givers, web support, proof-readers & a huge overall part of my team. Without their support I would not have been able to do this! 


Thank you for joining my crafty family & partaking in some of my passions. I'm glad to have you! Lounge around the shop and satisfy your desires with a little bit of rainbow from me to you. Does it come in rainbow? Yes it does!

diamond painting gem art
diamond painting gem art
diamond painting gem art


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